Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Festival Fun

While driving around today Taylor and I saw a sign for a Festival at a nearby park. I immediately got super excited, because my brothers were coming over and my little sibs would love a festival (also let's not forget Hugo! He's old enough now to enjoy these things!). I quickly googled it and found out it hadn't started yet. Yay for smartphones!

After naps we were all set. Ready, set, go!

Free popcorn! We had to wait for some more to pop.

At this point Hugo was tired after bounce houses and running. This is my attempt to get him to smile. haha not working.

This is the closest we got. He had his first cotton candy too. At first he didn't know it was to eat, but after I showed him it wasn't a problem.

No matter how long it has been since he's last seen Abinadi he always remembers him... He was soo tired...(and I mean Abindi haha jk)

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Drew and Ally Tack said...

Did you cut Hugo's hair? He looks so grown up!